Welcome to Network Life, a virtual resource for learning, encouragement, and collaboration among Christ-followers who share similar roles and passions. 

Bob Andringa, Founder & Chief Encourager


Greetings from Arizona!  This website, primarily, is for Christ-followers serving as CEOs and for their boards.  Also, we want to encourage pastors and lay leaders to connect the talent in the pews with meaningful engagement at faith-based nonprofit organizations.  And a more recent network includes leaders in campus ministries, hoping that many will help develop the vision for student "communities" laid out on this website.

Like many leaders in their senior years, I relish the time to spend on God-given passions that fit my "sweet spot."  My desire is to make more time for volunteer work in "re-firement" as I try to "Peak at 90" (yes, it once was 80). Thankfully, websites and other technologies help leverage our efforts. 

This website helps maintain and expand the networks of many decades of service in higher education, federal and state government, association leadership, and private consulting. 

God has nurtured four passions that I cannot shake, each with energizing challenges.  My job at this stage is to plant seeds of ideas, then encourage and connect those who take kindly to them.  Here are the four priorities that I enjoy most with many respected co-laborers. Each one has a tab in the menu above and will grow over time:

1.  Encouraging/coaching CEOs leading nonprofit ministries today.

2.  Helping move governance from good to great in faith-based nonprofit ministries. 

3.  Connecting interested lay men and women to ministries that need their time and talent. 

4.  Stimulating new campus housing options to disciple Christ-followers on our nation's secular campuses.

Thanks for your interest and partnership in addressing these strategies to build the Kingdom.  Send your ideas and resources at any time.

Robert C. Andringa, Ph.D.

Founder and Chief Network Encourager

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Bob & Sue Andringa

There are 50,000 Christ-honoring nonprofit ministries in the USA, plus 350,000 churches.  We believe new organizations are not as important as ministry leaders of existing organizations finding new ways to cooperate, collaborate, and partner on shared missions.  We network to bring Life to our world.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

(Jesus, quoted in John 14:6)